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The Future of Mid-size Wind Turbines in Microgrid Projects

Microgrids, Nano Grids, Light Commercial and Residential

Mid-size Wind Turbines for Microgrid Projects

  • Reduces Diesel Consumption and GHG footprint
  • Have a Smaller Footprint than Ground Mounted Solar Panels
  • Better Complementarity Reduces the Need for Storage and Extends Battery Life
  • Wind Turbines and Solar are Complementary Offering a Better Correlation with Energy Consumption Profile
Air Voltaics LLC is pleased to announce the exclusive representation in the Southwest US microgrid market for Eocycle's next-generation mid-size wind turbines. These turbines are an excellent fit for microgrid sites. They are low-profile, high-tech turbines, simple in design, unlike large-scale utility turbines. These next-generation turbines have minimal maintenance costs and provide projects with an additional source of true, renewable energy day and night. Eocycle's turnkey solution offers microgrid developers an opportunity to increase power generation within a small footprint.

With this relationship, Air Voltaics has now added the Eocycle EOX S-16 (20-30 kW) and EOX M-26 (90 kW) wind turbines to its exclusive product line. Together, Eocycle and Air Voltaics share the objective of bringing to the microgrid market a top-quality, seamless 'end-to-end'' solution including day-by-day performance monitoring and high-quality, after-installation service. Click in the Eocycle logo to review their whole product line...

Hybrid Energy Systems gather more power 24/7 with wind turbines and solar technologies

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) a small "hybrid" electric system that combines a small wind turbine and solar panels (photovoltaic or PV) technologies offers several advantages over either single system. In much of the United States, wind speeds are low in the summer when the sun shines brightest and longest. The wind is strong in the winter when less sunlight is available. Because the peak operating times for wind and solar systems occur at different times of the day and year, hybrid systems are more likely to produce power when you need it. If you have enough wind resource in your area and the situation is right, small wind electric systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems -- with zero emissions and pollution.

Energy-Efficiency for Everyone

Add mid-size wind turbines now and benefit from the State and Federal Rebates. Our company specializes in the distribution and sales of mid-size Wind Turbines for Hybrid Wind/Solar microgrids, nanogrids light commercial and residential applications.

Want to Learn More About the Process?

First, it's important to be determined if the location of your microgrid project is a good fit for Wind Turbines. This is vital to the success Microgrid project using wind turbines. It will determine how much energy a Wind Turbine can produce at your location. Next, a aRainwise® Wind Logger® (Anemometer) is installed at your microgrid project for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to collect wind data.

Convenient Installation

Never worry about installing the mid-size wind turbines yourself. This is strictly a manufacturer-installed technology. We do not allow the purchase of our product without letting our technicians install it properly. Our turbine technology is tested and certified by AWEA/SWCC (SWCC-10-20) & UL Certificate Compliance (UL 6142), and is available with a five-year warranty on parts.

About Us

Air Voltaics LLC, based in Bonsall, California, is a distributor of small and mid-size wind turbines for Microgrid, Nanogrid, Commercial, and Residential projects. Our goal is to encourage organizations to rely on wind power to maximize ROI and reduce their carbon footprint. With more than five years of experience in the industry, we are committed to making high-value solutions available to renewable energy projects.

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