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Mid-size Wind Turbines for Microgrid Projects

Eocycle, based in Montreal, Canada, designs, builds, installs, and maintains mid-size wind turbines for the distributed generation and microgrid markets. Founded in 2001, Eocycle is an entrepreneurial, international organization that offers seamless end-to-end renewable energy solutions.

Eocycle offers the following products: EOX S-16 (20-30 kW) and EOX M-26 (90 kW) wind turbines to its exclusive product line. Together, Eocycle and Air Voltaics share the objective of bringing to the microgrid market a top-quality, seamless 'end-to-end'' solution including day-by-day performance monitoring and high-quality, after-installation service.

Product Portfolio

Eocycle EOX S-16 Wind Turbine
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Eocycle EOX M-21 Wind Turbine
Eocycle EOX M-26 Wind Turbine
Eocycle Wind Turbine Certification