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Value Case for Distributed Wind in Co-op Areas

by airvolt
Characteristics of Distributed Wind – Some potentially valuable characteristics of distributed wind, particularly when compared with or in relation to other renewable DER technologies, include the following:

Hybrid energy systems: combining wind plus solar

In the case of new proposals from renewable energy developers, hybrid energy systems can take the form of a wind turbine plus solar panel hybrid energy system. Solar and wind energy make a natural pairing and can ensure that a hybrid renewable energy system is producing more electricity during more hours of the year. Click here to read more at EnergySage

Wind Power Advantages

by airvolt
Sometimes when the electricity supply goes off unexpectedly due to a power cut it can last for several days. Having no hot water, no cooking facilities, a lack of refrigeration and no form of heating or lighting are just some of the inconveniences incurred. Power grid in-dependency is only one of the many reasons to consider installing wind power preventing you from becoming solely reliant on the electricity companies. Installing wind power will allow you to be in charge or your own environment. The problems experienced by others through the failure of mainstream electricity supplies will not affect you. In […]

California’s goal: an electricity grid moving only clean energy

California lawmakers are considering a future without the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity, a step that would boost the renewable energy industry and expand the scope of the state’s battle against global warming. If approved at the end of the legislative session next month, the proposal would eventually ensure only clean energy moves through the state’s electricity grid, a goal nearly unmatched anywhere in the world. It would accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by requiring utilities and other electricity providers to obtain 60% of their power from resources such as the sun and wind by 2030. Then […]

Wind Power

by airvolt
Our mission is to raise awareness of the possibility to enjoy an alternative energy solution at an affordable price and to grow our company while making Air Voltaics LLC product known everywhere. Homeowners and commercial clients can now enjoy the benefits of our product, which was only previously available to large commercial establishments.