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Value Case for Distributed Wind in Co-op Areas

by airvolt
Characteristics of Distributed Wind – Some potentially valuable characteristics of distributed wind, particularly when compared with or in relation to other renewable DER technologies, include the following:

Hybrid wind energy explained by Frank Micone owner and CEO of Air Voltaics Inc.

by airvolt
Frank Micone, owner and CEO of Air Voltaics Inc. explains the benefits of Hybrid Wind Energy on a Zoom presentation to the Fallbrook Climate Action Team and participants. Click on this link to learn more…

Hybrid Wind and Solar Installation at Sierra Roble Winery

Air Voltaics Inc. installs first 9.5kW hybrid wind turbine and solar panel system in San Diego County at Sierra Roble Winery in Warner Springs.

Hybrid energy systems: combining wind plus solar

In the case of new proposals from renewable energy developers, hybrid energy systems can take the form of a wind turbine plus solar panel hybrid energy system. Solar and wind energy make a natural pairing and can ensure that a hybrid renewable energy system is producing more electricity during more hours of the year. Click here to read more at EnergySage