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Air Voltaics and Eocycle, Bring the Power of Wind to the Microgrid Market

by airvolt
Introducing Next Generation Mid-Sized Wind Turbines for Microgrid Projects Bonsall, California: Air Voltaics LLC is pleased to announce the exclusive representation in the Southwest US microgrid market for Eocycle’s next-generation mid-size wind turbines. These turbines are an excellent fit for microgrid sites. They are low-profile, high-tech turbines, simple in design, unlike large-scale utility turbines. These next-generation turbines have minimal maintenance costs and provide projects with an additional source of true, renewable energy day and night. Eocycle’s turnkey solution offers microgrid developers an opportunity to increase power generation within a small footprint. With this relationship, Air Voltaics has now added the Eocycle […]