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Why Wind Turbines in California?

Not Utility Scale Wind Turbines!

A Simple Designed 20-30kW Next-Gen Small Wind Turbine!

Introducing EOX S-16 from Eocycle

  • With fewer moving parts
  • No gear box
  • Quiet operation
  • Resulting in high reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • A lifespan of 30 years
  • UL & AWEA certified
  • Ready to be installed
  • Sustainable savings
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Eocycle S-Series wind turbines operate fully independently through an online self-monitoring system
The good news is that the government pays for approximately 80% in rebates of the total installed cost of small wind turbine if your organization is involved in California agriculture. If you are not involved in agriculture in California, its approximately a 54% rebate! Isn’t that just incredible?

California Rebates & Incentives Available

  • Federal Tax Rebate 22% to 30%
  • CA Wind Incentive $2.00 per watt
  • USDA REAP Grants up to 25%
Who have ever heard of such a great deal when the government pays between 50% to 80% for a product that will reduce your organizations energy costs?

If you have wind at your location or where you are planning an installation, be it hybrid, microgrid or to add wind turbines to your existing installation where there’s wind. Why not go with the next-gen small wind turbine EOX S-16, it’s ideal for microgrids? 20kW or 30kW…it’s your choice!

Wind provides significant power generation with a minimal footprint, which saves valuable land space, while it continues to provide power during inclement weather. Wind compliments solar by providing additional power during the day, even after the sun goes down and wind power output doesn’t degrade over time.
As stated in Veckta’s October 20, 2020, article - The main advantages of adding small wind turbines for microgrids are an increase in renewable energy supply, a reduction in the amount of backup power required from a diesel generator and a reduction in the strain imposed on energy storage, thus extending battery life.

Although solar power for microgrids is efficient and largely cost-effective, it still cannot generate power during the hours of darkness. Adding small wind turbines increases renewable energy supply potential around the clock. This means that a solar-wind hybrid project can result in a consequent reduction in the amount of power needed to be supplied by a backup generator - usually present in a microgrid because of the lack of night-time generation from solar.

Next-Gen Small Wind Turbines Compliments Microgrids, Solar or Can Stand Alone…