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Wind Power Advantages

by airvolt

Wind PowerSometimes when the electricity supply goes off unexpectedly due to a power cut it can last for several days. Having no hot water, no cooking facilities, a lack of refrigeration and no form of heating or lighting are just some of the inconveniences incurred. Power grid in-dependency is only one of the many reasons to consider installing wind power preventing you from becoming solely reliant on the electricity companies.

Installing wind power will allow you to be in charge or your own environment. The problems experienced by others through the failure of mainstream electricity supplies will not affect you. In fact, you may not even be aware that anyone else is having difficulties until they contact you asking for your assistance as they are suffering in either hot or freezing conditions!

Another great benefit of wind power is the rebate offered by the state, federal and Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) for people who are willing to install wind generators in their homes and agricultural businesses. In overall terms it is likely to take between five and ten  years or maybe a little less to see the monetary benefits of having the original installation carried out, but from that time onwards the best part of your power will be free. Just imagine the fact that the running costs of your home or business, or even both, can be reduced to practically nothing. This is because your meter will slow down considerably as your wind power equipment kicks in, thereby reducing your supply from the grid.

This low usage from the grid will be maintained until such a time that the wind is not strong enough to produce power and you will then notice your meter speed up again whilst power is being drawn from the grid supply.  In California, if you have wind power within your home, it can in reality replace power back into the grid, so your meter will go backwards; in effect giving you credited power to use in the future. However, if you were to install a Hybrid Energy System you would then have the best of both worlds, power from both wind and solar.

Although wind power is not perfect, it is a safe and honest cost effective plan for the time ahead of your family and country. Take a minute to sit down and work out just how much you expect your power bills to cost you for the rest of you and your children’s lives. Make a comparison with that of a wind power supply and the benefits will be clear to you. Even if you feel having wind power installed is an expense you just cannot afford at the minute, it may be worth considering taking out a loan as the savings you are likely to make will be more than adequate to repay the amount you have borrowed. Make sure you check out the information available about which schemes are on offer to you.

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