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Hybrid Wind and Solar Installation at Sierra Roble Winery

Air Voltaics Inc. is excited to announce one of the first Hybrid Wind Turbine and Solar Energy system in San Diego County. This is a 9.5kW system comprising of a 6kW SD Wind Energy wind turbine and 3.5kW ground mounted solar panel array. Sierra Roble Winery is located in the Warner Springs wine growing region of San Diego County, the location is perfect for a Hybrid Wind Turbine and Solar Energy system due to the amount of wind and sun available in this area. Prior to the installation we place an wind animator at the winery for 60 days to gather wind data that show it was a perfect location for harnessing the wind to produce ample energy for the winery. Air Voltaics Inc. offer two different wind turbines, the 6kW SD Wind Turbine and the 3.5kW Kestrel Turbine. David Lowe the owner of Sierra Roble Winery selected the 6kW SD Wind Energy Turbine to maximize the amount of power he could harness from the wind in Warner Springs.

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