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When the sun goes down, wind turbines can keep generating savings, Wind compliments solar or can stand alone

Small Wind Turbines for Wineries

Air Voltaics Introduces the

EOX S-16 30kW Wind Turbine

  • This next-generation wind turbine has a simple design with few moving parts resulting in high reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • With no gearbox, this turbine will operate reliably with minimal maintenance for its 30-year life
  • Quiet operation - they make less noise than large wind turbines. They do not make low-frequency sounds or infrasound
  • Produces up to 131,000 kW per year
  • UL and AWEA accredited and ready to install
  • Short towers, smaller diameters, and no negative shadow flicker provides less visual impact
  • Stands about 79 feet with no flashing red light on top of tower, plus no FAA permit neededIt's clean, high-quality,100% renewable power with zero carbon emissions and will not harm the environment or wildlife
Small Wind Turbines for Wineries

Eocycle EOX S - 16 30kW wind turbine can produce up to 131,000 kWh per year

Small Wind Turbines for Wineries
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